Plitz Planning Process

Personalized & Comprehensive Estate Planning

The Plitz Planning Process

The Plitz Planning Process is a personalized approach to create the estate plan that works best for you and your loved ones. Estate planning is more than simply the documents or the law; it is about relationships. 

The Plitz Planning Process was created to take the time to learn about you to combine the legal with the personal to create a superb legal plan that addresses your family’s specific wants and needs.

Our Process

With the Plitz process and Family Support & Protection Program, you can rest assured that your estate planning needs will continue to be addressed as you go through vital lifetime milestones.

Initial Interview

During the initial interview, I can learn about your family, assets, financial objectives, and related matters.

Plan Detail Meeting

The plan detail meeting is an in-home or video conference meeting that builds from the initial prospect interview to fully develop your personalized estate plan. Any tasks that were assigned at the Initial Prospect Interview need to be brought to this meeting. At the end of this meeting, your theoretical estate plan is set, and your personalized estate plan is ready to be developed. Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

Plan Development

This is the stage where the Plitz Estate Planning team takes the information and notes from the first two meetings and starts to create the actual estate planning documents. The first step is to generate a summary sheet of the major decisions and people and email you a copy for your preliminary review and comments. This will also be the stage for you to submit any additional pieces of information or other follow-up from the Plan Detail Meeting. Overall, the Plan Development stage can take two to three weeks.

Draft Review & Revisions

Once the plan is written, an electronic draft will be sent to you for your review. At this stage there should be little in terms of changes, but this is an opportunity to catch any tweaks, or develop questions to gain a fuller understanding on how your plan works. We typically would like to schedule the Signing Ceremony one week from the sending of the draft.

Signing Ceremony

The signing ceremony is a one hour, in-person meeting at your home when your estate plan is signed and put into full force and effect. Celebrating the accomplishment that most Americans don’t do – having a personalized estate plan that achieves your goals and showing your family just how much you care.

Family Support & Protection Program

With your estate plan signed and in full effect, the relationship with Plitz Estate Planning does not end. We are here to make sure you enjoy the peace of mind that proper estate planning provides. This stage, based on the level of support you select, is designed to ensure that your estate plan remains consistent with your objectives and any change in your circumstances.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you are not 100% satisfied with the service or process within 60 days of signing your estate planning documents, you will receive a full refund.

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