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As an estate planning lawyer and trust attorney, I understand that people naturally postpone estate planning for a number of reasons:

  1. They don’t want to think about death;
  2. They are not sure how they want to distribute their assets;
  3. There are other financial needs;
  4. They feel that they will have time for estate planning; and
  5. They do not know where to begin.

That is why I make the estate planning process easy. I serve clients by learning about their situations and goals, and use that to develop an effective and personalized estate plan. I build relationships with clients and their families, so they know I am with them for the long-term, to help monitor and advise on their changing circumstances. I give my clients the confidence they want knowing their family will have a trusted adviser on their side when the plan is fully used.

Image of bridge with New Albany written on it.

Our Estate Planning Services

Image of middle age couple walking in park.
Image of middle age couple walking in park.

Couples & Individuals

I can create the right plan for you and your family. Regardless of whether your newly married, never plan to marry, or are enjoying your retirement, as a New Albany trust attorney and estate planning lawyer, I will help you create your personalized estate plan.

Image of family in back of SUV talking.
Image of family in back of SUV talking.

Second Marriages

Today, it’s estimated that about one-third of the population live in blended families, with step-parents, step-children, and other relationships that complicate planning. Second marriages, as well as unmarried couples have unique needs that need to be carefully addressed. As an example, in a second or subsequent marriages where both spouses have step-children, a spouse who leaves all of their assets to the other spouse risks their biological children ultimately receiving nothing.

As an Indiana estate planning attorney and will lawyer, I can help you consider the issues that must be addressed using your particular circumstances so that you can make the right educated decisions.

Image of young couple sitting on floor talking.
Image of young couple sitting on floor talking.

Unmarried Couples

If you have a life partner but are not legally married, estate planning is critical. State laws dictate decision makers and who inherits, and without a legal marriage, the default is not each other. Without a proper estate plan neither of you will inherit from each other nor have a say in the other’s end-of-life medical care.

Image of business man working on laptop.
Image of business man working on laptop.

Business Succession

Most business owners and farmers want to keep it “in the family”? To do this there are critical steps that must be taken – not only to prevent assets from being taken by creditors or by your child’s spouse (in a divorce), but also to ensure fairness for all of your children, even those who don’t want to be active in the family business. As a business succession lawyer, I can help you plan for the future and help you better protect the business you worked tirelessly to grow.

Image of mother and children running at park with their dog.
Image of mother and children running at park with their dog.

Protecting Children

Children are our future. Whether they are still wearing diapers, or have kids of their own, our children are the focus of our plans. There are four essential estate planning considerations that are often overlooked:

  • Minors cannot own and control inherited assets, necessitating a trust.
  • If you don’t appoint a preferred guardian, someone else will.
  • A child who is on or may go on to government assistance can still inherit, when planned properly.
  • Additional authorization is needed to make decisions on behalf of adult children.

At Plitz Estate Planning, we help parents navigate and plan through all of these issues.

Image of senior couple walking in park holding hands.
Image of senior couple walking in park holding hands.

Medicaid Planning

I help individuals and couples with both proactive and urgent Medicaid Planning needs protect assets to the extent allowed under law. Because of the “look back” period, ideally it is helpful to engage in Medicaid planning at least five years before a nursing home may be needed. Unfortunately, medical events occur that require an immediate and unexpected move to a care facility. In these cases, I can also assist loved ones with emergency Medicaid Planning to preserve assets to the extent possible.

Image of young business woman on phone.
Image of young business woman on phone.

Tax Planning

With over a decade of experience handling complex estate tax matters, I help develop estate plans that maximize tax-saving while minimizing or eliminating estate taxes.

Image of grandparents with granddaughter on farm.
Image of grandparents with granddaughter on farm.

Charitable Planning

For those who are charitably inclined or who are looking for ways to minimize income or estate taxes, charitable giving can be a vital estate planning tool. As an experienced charitable planning attorney, I can help you create a plan designed to leave a lasting impact.

Image of woman sitting with dog on beach.
Image of woman sitting with dog on beach.

Pet Planning

Our furry family members are often overlooked when it comes to estate planning. Our animals provide immense joy and companionship, and it is critical to ensure that your beloved pets are provided with a safe and stable home. I help with estate planning options designed to protect and provide for loved pets over the course of their lives.


Joining Waters, Tyler, Hofmann & Scott provides our clients with more options and more support. Coming together blends our client focus approach to the law – creating personalized plans that you need and want. We care about our clients and their families. We care about our community. Our mission is to spend quality time with families to prepare a personalized plan that makes life’s most difficult time a little easier.

We surround ourselves with people who make each of our experiences better. This includes our clients. We work with people that we enjoy being with and we build a relationship to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Where most estate planning attorneys work on transactions, we work on relationships – being there for you and your family, whenever you need us.

Taxes, laws, and death are complex issues. We take these complex topics and talk to you in a way you can comprehend.  We walk you through your options and discuss the pros and cons of each. We spend the time with you to educate and guide so you will make the best decision for you.

Over the course of over 25 years of estate planning practice, we’ve helped thousands of clients understand the path to achieve their goals. By listening to the needs of our clients we are able to develop comprehensive estate plans to protect their assets, their interests, and leave their families a lasting legacy.

Without a valid will, and/or trust, disputes tend to arise among family members about the division of assets, which can lead to irreparable hurt and even litigation. Don’t let this be your legacy! By working with us, we will help ensure that your wishes are documented and understood – so when that time inevitably comes, we will help ensure your family can focus on what is important – each other.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you are not 100% satisfied with the service or process within 60 days of signing your estate planning documents, you will receive a full refund.

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